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Stan Willott 1971

Hi There.
Great to see a web site for "THE PLACE" I have so many great memories and often wonder where the original "SARDINE PACK" are. I was at "THE PLACE" the first night it opened, and for weeks was running around WOOLWORTH and M&S giving away free tickets to all the girls I could. I got to know Bill Morris and Kevin Donavan real well and was rewarded with an Honorary Membership for my efforts, for the following years I saw "THE PLACE" grow into the incredible night club, and the later venues 'THE PLACEMATE" got to become my second home.

Even though I have lived in the USA for the past 30 years so often "THE PLACE" is talked about, and getting my name along with a bunch of others mentioned in Kevin Donavan's book "THE PLACE" was a privilege.

I remember the crowd...Stewart Wright, Martin Donovan, Mike Harrison, Graham Hewitt, George Lewikki, Graham Bagnall, Mike Massey, Hilary Byatt, Sue Corrigan, Bruce Beaston, Mary Sellars, Bob Shaw, Bill Hancock, Mike James, Paul Kettle, Susan Branderick, Vikki Pinkstone, Marge Profit, Barb Profit, Jimmy Westwood, Colin Lowe, Barry Salt, Frank Yates, Barry Dracott, Dave McClean, Melia, Salvatore (Chef), Chris Burton, Bill Hunt, Patrick Nangle, Pete Nichols, Andrew Brodie, Repton Hand, lain Wilshaw, John Murphy, Katie Murphy, John Burgess, John Garrett, Peter Wilshaw....and many more by first name only......and of course the Stoke City players......Gordon Banks, Roy Vernon, Eric Skeels, Maurice Setters, Calvin Palmer, George Eastam, Gerry Bridgewood, Gerry Jones, went on vacation together) ,Alex Elder, Jon Farmer.and my friend Trevor Poole.........


Thank you Tony Salt for getting "THE PLACE" on the web, and to all of you

.............."LIVE YOUR DREAMS."

STAN WILLOTT. USA. 23rd January 2012.
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Bill Morris and Kevin Donovan
at The Place 10th anniversary celebrations April 1973. The Place opened its doors on Saturday 27th April 1963.

On the opening night 32 people passed through the door, of those 32, 16 were contractors who had worked on the construction of The Place and had brought their wives and girlfriends, the other 16 were actual paying customers.

By April 1973 The Place had in excess of 30000 members...

Bill and Kevin had got it right.

It’s said that ‘The Place’ in Hanley in Stoke on Trent was the UK’s very first discotheque. It was certainly well-known for breaking a lot of the sixties’ R&B stars! Click here for the full BBC Stoke & Staffordshire Article on The Place - 17 February 2009 including lots more comments from former Place Mates...



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"Ladies & Gentlemen this is the last record tonight,
thank you for coming to the Place, have a safe journey home